Kid’s Dance (age 3-5)

Ellie Zhou Ballet Studio‘s children ballet dance classes develop children’s motor skills to match movement to tempo, create their own dance phrases, develop rhythm and coordination skills. Enjoyment of dance, developing expression and mastering preliminary ballet steps are emphasized…all in a warm and caring dance class environment..

Ballet RAD (age 5-9)

Ellie Zhou Ballet Studio offers The London Royal Academy of Dance syllabus which is the largest, most influential dance teacher training and examining body for classical ballet in the world. The RAD syllabus-based program is divided into grades and designed to match age appropriate technique and fitness with musical and creative inspiration. It begins with Pre-School levels, continues to Lower Grade, then Upper Grade and progresses on to the Professional level.

Pre-Professional Dance Course

Ellie Zhou Ballet Studio‘s Professional Dancer Course is a comprehensive training program for advance students and certified RAD teachers in the region. It is designed to enhance and maintain the highest performance standard specified by the London RAD certification. This program is also available for advanced students who may have left the practice for some time and wish to return to form.

Adults Dance for beginners

Ellie Zhou Ballet Studio offers unconventional folk dances of ethnic minorities from China. Zhou’s roots in China brings to you authentic dances from groups such as the Baishou dance, Mongolian Bowl dance, Sanam Uyghur and Tibetan dances. Suitable for beginner adults and senior citizens.

Events and Workshops

Date / Time Ages Workshop Description Fee
From 1 Mar 2020 3-6 years old Pre-primary workshop Free trial class for beginners

Preparing for the Class

  • Top: Baby-pink tank or cap sleeve bodysuit, pink tights.
  • Shoes: Pink leather ballet slippers with elastic sewn across the instep.
  • Hair: Pull back in a bun.
  • Top: Navy blue tank style body suite, pink tights.
  • Shoes: Pink leather ballet slippers with elastic sewn across the instep.
  • Hair : Pull back in a bun.
  1. Call in, get advise on the appropriate classes.
  2. Make appointment for FREE trial class.
  3. Fee & registration vary depending on class.
  4. Junior pre-primary fee starts from RM90 per month